Cachaça HUB

Take part in the cachaça revolution, become a member  of the most envied cachaça network in the world.

We represent the expansion of a group over hundred Brazilian distileries. We produce premium and extra-premium cachaças (copper pot still technics )  rested or matured under a collaborative chain among the best producers in Brazil.

CachaçaHUB is the brand under initiative of New Brazilian Spirits Co. (Luxembourg) that proudly promotes one of the most enjoyed Brazilian original heritage: Cachaça, the brazilian sugar cane spirit, since 1532 to today.


Becoming yourself an ambassador of Cachaça HUB  it gives you access to a portfolio of exclusive selected brands, promotions and information about our events. Be part of the best cachaça business active network.

Engage yourself

If you are owner of pubs, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, franchises, specialized shops, events professional, distributors, or just curious, drop us a quick line! Click here...

Corporate Event Bar

Fancy to add a luxurious cocktail bar with our Cocktail Tropical Menu at your corporate event, for your guests to feel one step from the beach in Copacabana and Ipanema?
We have also contact with Brazilian thematic catering, with brazilian traditional skew bbq, accompanied by our worldwide famous gastronomy, also DJ’s and attractions to complete your night!

Cachaça HUB Tasting Stand


Why not offer to your guests our  “cachaça tasting stand“ at your corporate event, party, brazilian or latin thematic night, or latin parties? Once you hire our services, directly or thru one of our partners, one of our cachaça ambassadors will be present at your event, with our Cachaça HUB corner, offering a range of references representing the diversity of cachaça (brazilian distinctive rum) offering tasting, information, curiosities about it.

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Cachaça HUB


Price List Luxembourg - Official Point of Sales


Official Point of Sales

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Picanha Plaza 

88, rue de Bonnevoie | L-1260 Luxembourg



Domaine Mathes

73, rue Principale | L-5480 Wormeldange



148, route d’Arlon  | L-8010 Strassen



Robin du Lac 

70 Route d'Esch | 1470 Luxembourg


Please, for the opening times check our partners websites.

Certified Partners Label


Gold Member

Partners receive Gold Member status of Cachaça Hub once they offer to our clients the best brazilian experience and in their portfolio they have 2 Silvers, 2 Golds and 1 Extra-Premium Cachaças.


Silver Member

Partners receive Silver Member status of Cachaça Hub once they offer to our clients the best brazilian experience and in their portfolio they offer at least 2 Silvers, 1 Gold  or 1 Silver and 2 Golds Cachaças.